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Optimum de-stresse and relaxation
Take advantage of the Spa nested between two verdant patios and be enchanted by our treatments adapted to your desires.
Heated indoor swimming pool, steam room, fitness room, massage, everything is in place to bring you unique benefits within the Zen ambiance of this wellness centre.

Invitation to a peaceful moment Liberty at your doorstep

Lose yourself in a unique place dedicated to relaxation and beauty.  Experience our treatments using Decléor products.

Form and relaxation You are unique...

A space dedicated to relaxation where time stands still: heated swimming pool, steam room, tropical shower, Medyjet massage, cardio fitness room… Everything is geared towards the ultimate relaxation experience.

Cinq Mondes

Cinq Mondes est une marque éco-responsable et naturellement engagée avec un souci perpétuel d’authenticité, de qualité du service et du sens du cérémonial. Elle a été pionnière dans l’élaboration de formules sans pétrochimie, silicone ou paraben.

Carte Favorite Spa

Découvrez notre programme de fidélité : la carte Favorite Spa vous permettra de d’accéder à de nombreuses remises et offres exclusives

Remise de 15% sur vos 5 premiers soins d’1 heure

Vous êtes invité pour le 6ème…comme pour le 12ème

Remise de 5% sur les produits Cinq Mondes

Remise de 50% sur l’accès à l’Espace piscine / Hammam / Fitness


Ritual Signature



Relieving Sublime Polynesian Massage
« Five Flowers Ritual » Illuminescence Facial

Signature massage birdie

Memorable Moment


The Spa’s speciality, this modelling with hot oil is performed with golf balls, making it a highly sensorial
treatment – full and round. Mix of different World Modelling techniques to dissolve muscle tension and give
a great energy boost.

Gommage éclat "Purée de Papaye ®"

Cinq Mondes


Une technique de gommage née d’un Rituel du Siam, utilisant une « Purée de Papaye® »
onctueuse aux grains fins. Délicatement exfoliée, votre peau retrouve son éclat et se voile d’un
délicieux parfum.

La carte complète

Massages Body 5 worlds

Deep-relaxing balinese massage

1h 90€

Immerse in a world of tranquility performed with a traditional « Tropical Nuts Melting balm » according to an ancestral Ritual massage from Bali. This sensorial escape includes gentle Thai stretching and traditional smoothing movements.

Relieving sublime Polynesian massage

1h 90€

A body massage treatment inherited from Polynesian healers and inspired by Lomi-Lomi, which uses deep pressure and long, continuous movements from the practitioner’s forearms. Delicate notes of Tiare flowers accompany you throughout this blissful experience of relaxation and letting go.


Vivez pleinement l’univers du spa et profitez selon vos envies, à votre rythme, des différents espaces : piscine chauffée avec nage à contre-courant, salle de fitness, espace de relaxation, Hammam.

Medyjet session

30min 45€

To the sound of soft music, lay down, close your eyes and drift away on the wave of relaxation. With it’s pulsed jets, the hydromassage bed will be an ally to your wellness. This treatment improves your blood circulation, activates your lymphatic system, dissolves muscle contractions, for an ideal relaxation after a day at work or a round of golf.

Experience shower

1 day 24€

With the Experience Shower, the sensory course reaches its maximum: themed programs, mist games, and alternation of hot and cold jets, subtle lights, diffusion of fragrance and background music. An unforgettable experience stimulating all the senses.


Signature After golf

1h30 130€

This treatment helps to soothe away muscle tension and ease fatigue. Massage followed by the application of self-heating sparkling mud.

Face and head massage

30min 50€

This massageg, running from your shoulders to the top of your head, mixes relaxing techniques and fingers pressure for a lasting relaxation.

Aroma relaxing or tonic massage with essential oils

1h 90€

A tailor made massage ideally designed to release all targeted mild stress and tension.


Foot reflexology “rebalancing”

1h 90€

Pressure-based massage on specific zones of the feet to restore your body’s balance and harmony.

Shiatsu Massage “Muscular”

1h 90€

Native to Japan, this massage is composed of specific application techniques in order to work on all indepth muscle tension.

Californian massage “relaxing”

1h 90€

Let yourself be wrapped in a real « cocooning » massage, using long fluid deeply relaxing movements.

Ayurvedic massage ‘energizing”

1h 90€

Native to India, this massage with hot oil evacuates negative energy and recharges with positive, ideal to combat fatigue and stress.

Balinese modelling

1h 90€

Originally from Bali, this modelling combines softness and pressure for enhanced relaxation and energy flow.
*Modelling proposed according to the period of the year.


”Plénitude” Signature ritual

3h 250€

Sublime Scrub with Natural Tahitian Monoï 30min
Relieving Sublime Polynesian Massage 1h
« Ko Bi Do » Lifting and Plumping Facial Treatment 1h30

”Zen” Signature ritual

2h30 210€

Sublime Scrub with Natural Tahitian Monoï 30min
Relieving Sublime Polynesian Massage 1h
« Ko Bi Do » Lifting and Plumping Facial Treatment 1h

”Evasion” Signature ritual

2h 170€

Relieving Sublime Polynesian Massage 1h
« Five Flowers Ritual » Illuminescence Facial 1h


Signature birdie massage

1h 90€

The Spa’s speciality, this modelling with hot oil is performed with golf balls, making it a highly sensorial treatment – full and round. Mix of different World Modelling techniques to dissolve muscle tension and give a great energy boost.


Hhands beauty or feet beauty

1h30 70€

Extra : varnish 1h30 - 80€

Dream skin

Since 15€

Waxing followed by soothing essential oils. Price from 15€ to 75€ according to skin area.

Lymphatic draining

1h 90€

Ideal for heavy legs, this modelling drains areas around the lymph system, restores lymphatic circulation effectively and eliminates toxins. Very effective after several sessions.

”Relaxation” wraps

30min 50€

Body wrap to choose between revitalizing marine algae, moisturizing cranberry, purifying, Ghassoul, or relaxing self heating algae.


Sublime ritual from Polynesia

1h30 130€

Sublime Scrub with Natural Tahitian Monoï 30min
Relieving Sublime Polynesian Massage 1h

Ritual of Siam

1h30 130€

Polishing « Papaya Purée » Scrub 30min
Deep-Relaxing Balinese Massage 1h


Sublime scrub with Tahitian monoï

30min 50€

Drawing inspiration from the Polynesian Islands and perfectly suitable for the most sensitive skin, this traditional preparation of Monoï, made from infused Tiaré blossoms (Tahitian gardenias), raw sugar and ground coconut powder will regenerate skin and awaken the spirit.

Polishing “Papaya purée” scrub

30min 50€

A body polishing technique used in a Ritual from Siam with creamy, finely grained « papaya purée ». After being delicately exfoliated and polished, your skin is supremely radiant and deliciously scented.

Energizing aromatic scrub

30min 50€

Enjoy a wonderful moment of wellbeing with this ancestral ritual inspired by beauty recipes and treatments from the island of Java. With a fascinating earthy scent and a brilliant energizing recipe featuring zesty spices and sea salts, you’ll awaken to a satin smooth skin and a stimulating sense of energy.


”Ko Bi Do” global anti-facing facial treatment

1h30 130€

This remarkable « global anti-aging » treatment is inspired by the « Ko Bi Do » Japanese massage that has a deep action on wrinkles, skin firmness, dark spots and radiance. Particular attention is paid to the eye contour, mouth, décolleté and arms. Skin feels soft and smoothed, the complexion is radiant and mind perfectly relaxed.

”Ko Bi Do” lifting and plumping facial treatment

1h 90€

This anti-wrinkle treatment is inspired by the time-honored Japanese Ritual, « Ko Bi Do », a remarkable manual face lifting technique, and acts on the whole face and neck with its deep massage movements that leave skin toned, smoothed and plumped.

”Five flowers ritual” Illuminescence facial

1h 90€

Based on a Balinese ritual, this face treatment tones and illuminates the skin. Thanks to the combination of Tropical Five Flowers extracts, and massage of the face, nape and shoulder muscles, the skin is cleansed and the complexion more radiant.

”Bali flowers and fruits ritual” skin renewal facial treatment

1h 90€

Deep cleansing treatment and skin perfector inspired by Balinese beauty rituals.
Take full advantage of the benefits of the natural tropical flowers and natural AHA fruit acid active
ingredients to restore purified and radiant skin, smoothed skin texture and enhanced complexion.

« Bali flowers ritual » Radiance facial treatment

30 min 50€

Enjoy the delicate scents of tropical flowers in this « express radiance » treatment inspired by Balinese
Beauty Rituals and discover its beneficial effects of skin cleansing, wellbeing and beauty.


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